A United Africa Against Cluster Munitions

An Africa united against Cluster Munitions would be a very powerful, and welcome, partner in the fight against these insidious weapons.

Landmine and Cluster Munition Blog (ARCHIVED)

Michael P. Moore, Landmines in Africa, and Monitor Victim Assistance Team Editor.

Many think of Lebanon or Laos when cluster munitions are mentioned, or maybe Cambodia or Kosovo. However, we should also think about Sudan, the area of Western Sahara, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, South Sudan, Angola, Eritrea, and Sierra Leone — all countries that have lost citizens to cluster munitions. There are Zambia, Chad and Nigeria — countries that have condemned usage. The Balkans, Southeast Asia and the Middle East have had the headlines on cluster munitions, but Africa is also where the story of cluster munitions is told.

In 2008, Zambia hosted a major regional conference to build solidarity and discuss a common position on the Oslo Process that led to the Convention on Cluster Munitions. In 2013 Zambia hosted the Fourth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention, reaffirming that country’s leadership in the Convention…

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