Twitter’s Lyrical Landmines

I spend a lot of time monitoring social media and have set up searches on Twitter to find all tweets containing the words “landmine” or “landmines.”  The results have sometimes been a bit confusing, especially since the cast of “Jersey Shore” uses the word frequently (you’ll have to look it up, if you’re wondering).  However, an even more interesting development is how frequently the word “landmine” shows up in song lyrics.  In addition to the bands, Landmine Marathon (a heavy metal outfit from Phoenix, Arizona) and the Landmines Band (punk rock from Richmond, Virginia), a number of songwriters have used landmines as metaphors or subjects in their songs.  So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some frequently quoted landmine lyrics from Twitter…

(please understand, I take no responsibility for the content or quality of these songs or their YouTube videos; a few of the songs I knew, but most were new to me.  Sorry for the YouTube advertisements).

Metallica, One: “Landmine has taken my sight…”

Wale, Lotus Flower Bomb: “Baby girl you the bomb and all but I be damned if I do not landmine…”

The Vowels, Part 2, Why?: “I’m not a ladies man, I’m a land mine; Filming my own fake death”

Wale, Word Play: “Play me for a stepping stone then, I land mine”

Aerosmith, Ragdoll: “Tapdancing on a landmine”

Motley Crue, Saints of Los Angeles: “Red line tripping on a land mine, sipping at the Troubadour”

Kendrick Lamar, Hiiiipower: “I’m standing on a field full of Landmines doing the moonwalk hoping I blow up in time”

Billy Talent, Diamond on a Landmine

Jay Electronica, Not a Disturbance: “Take it easy homie you know these land lines is land mines. One step ka-BOOM.. . twenty years of man time”