My daughter asked me why I do landmine work.  I told her a banal and superficial answer which I now regret because she is so much of the reason why I work on landmines.  I value the fact that my daughter and sons can play outside without the fear of landmines or other explosives and I wish every parent to have this same sense of security.  No children’s play should be threatened by landmines.  Every month I read about children who are killed or maimed by landmines as they are walking to school or playing soccer or otherwise being kids.  I long for the day when such stories are consigned to history.  Childhood is hard enough, parenting is hard enough without landmines.  So, until every parent is certain that their children are safe from landmines, I’ll be here, #TogetherAgainstMines.

Michael P. Moore

moe (at) landminesinafrica (dot) org

April 4, 2016


One Comment on “#TogetherAgainstMines”

  1. Hard to believe you would give a superficial answer to anything! 🙂 Thanks Moe for all your work!

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