Review: Our posts on Mozambique

Last week, the last known landmine was cleared from Mozambique.  In recognition of this fantastic achievement, here are all of the posts we’ve written specifically about Mozambique.

First, here is the Storify round-up of the announcement of Mozambique’s landmine-free status.

And here are the posts, in reverse order of publishing date:

Mozambique’s Arc of Progresspublished May 29, 2015

“Few things as powerful as the fear of a landmine,” An Interview with Douglas M. Griffiths, US Ambassador to Mozambique, published April 4, 2014

Profile of Mozambique’s Rede para Assistência às Vítimas de Minas (RAVIM)published March 3, 2014

After the last mine is cleared: The future of landmine survivor assistancepublished November 5, 2013

Flooding in Mozambique, not a repeat of 2000 – 2001published January 27, 2013

Why do former Portuguese colonies in Africa have so many landmines?published February 3, 2012

Thanks to all who made this possible.

Michael P. Moore

September 22, 2015

moe (at) landminesinafrica (dot) org


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